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Season 3, Ep 9 Emotional Intelligence with Lisa Chitty

Season 3, Ep 9 Emotional Intelligence with Lisa Chitty

October 20, 2021

Today we bring on special guest, friend of ServiStar and emotional intelligence expert Lisa Chitty who is a Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner with Genos International, a world leader in emotional intelligence programs that enhance self- awareness, empathy, leadership, and resilience. A timely topic for leaders today who are looking to level up their EQ and their teams productivity as a result of it. 


Also we have a special series Lisa is providing for 26 participants on Emotional Intelligence that is filling up fast. To reserve your spot now and pay later click here. 

Season 3, Ep 8  Financial Wellness with Special Guest Bjorn Larson

Season 3, Ep 8 Financial Wellness with Special Guest Bjorn Larson

September 1, 2021

In today's episode we look at Financial Wellness, yesterday today and tomorrow with Financial Wellness Strategist, Bjorn Larson, who has spent a decade in this line of work and now working for one of the fastest-growing credit unions in BCU is developing tools, benchmarks, and industry insights that allow his team to deliver on their promise to their empower their financial wellness!


We are all people helping people - contact me if you would like to brainstorm on your financial wellness strategies :


Season 3, Ep 7 Strengths Based Leadership

Season 3, Ep 7 Strengths Based Leadership

August 15, 2021

Team Building, Strategy, New Hire Orientation all can benefit from the use of personality profile tools like Strengths Finders. If you have not heard of this tool, it's in over 500 countries in 50 different languages and gives credit union employees and their managers a common language that describes their God given talents and helps to break down barriers and build trust on teams old and new. 

VLN Fall Class got the assignment of listening in to see if you can use SF assessments for Strategy and Team Building before their upcoming leadership development program- a hello to the Fall class of 2021!

Finally we got to play my favorite game (Scott) What's in the box which is probably my favorite game because it's my box and I know what's in it :) Also it's made of birch wood...I digress.

To get yourself the free assessment (full 34) and a free one on one coaching session ($100 value) Book time on my calendar here

Season 3, Ep 6 Becoming a Business Development Champion

Season 3, Ep 6 Becoming a Business Development Champion

August 3, 2021

Business Development is an area seldom explored by credit unions. On this episode of the Credit Union Leadership podcast we get Mike Neill, Executive Director and Founder of ServiStar Consulting asking Taylor Murray, Cheif Executive Officer at ServiStar and Scott Albrecht, producer of this podcast and AVP of Sales/Training about the topic of going out of the credit union doors figuratively or literally to share the benefit of credit union membership with eligible non members, businesses, partners, and co-operatives who value the opportunity to work together to serve a bigger purpose. 


On this episode we offered a free discover call to learn how you can do Business Development at your credit union. Book that call with Taylor or Scott here

Season 3, Ep 5 From Managing to Coaching

Season 3, Ep 5 From Managing to Coaching

July 16, 2021

Why managing simply isn't enough to be a complete leader and what distinct differences you can observe between management and coaching. Taylor Murray, the Chief Executive Officer of ServiStar, kicks off this podcast with a series of questions answered by producer and AVP of Sales and Service, Scott Albrecht.

This one goes deep, so deep we should probably charge for it...but instead we added additional free ways for you to improve your coaching by contacting one of us using this link here.

Don't let this opportunity pass by to hear what credit unions around the country are cooking up in there coaching kitchen as a result of this great resource..we train culture and that all leads back to coaching at the end of the day. 

Also at the end of the's night :)

Season 3, Ep 4 TeamBuilding with Special Guest Carlynne Pouliot

Season 3, Ep 4 TeamBuilding with Special Guest Carlynne Pouliot

July 2, 2021

Today we get to hear from the experts at ServiStar and one of the shining stars and recent graduates of our Vertex Live Nationwide program, Carlynne Pouliot, Director of Branch Administration at HRCU where she leads over 25 employees, applying the new skills and insights after each of our Vertex courses. 

We discussed some activities she built out as a result of our work with her on TeamBuilding. To be the winner of the team building book we reference in our training, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, email me here: 

Our Vertex Program is offered up in three ways: Nationwide (2 Sessions annually Spring and Fall), Live Virtual and Live Onsite. All three come with computer based training courses and participant guides the team can access before our training to get familiar with the philosophy, terminology, and skills we will be teaching. More information on the Vertex program can be found here:


Season 3, Bonus Episode - A Continued Interview with Taylor Murray

Season 3, Bonus Episode - A Continued Interview with Taylor Murray

June 15, 2021

Yes, when you get quality talent like Taylor in front of a microphone the wisdom is not enough to contain in one podcast. Enjoy this part 2 of his interview with us. 

In this part of the interview Taylor brought up a podcast he listens to you can check it out here: 


The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics


“Consumers are weird. They don't do what they say they will do and don't act how we think they "should." Enter Melina Palmer, a sales conversion expert with a personal mission to make your business more effective and brain friendly. In this podcast, Melina will take the complex concepts of behavioral economics (the study and science of why people buy - or not) and provide simple, actionable tips you can apply right away in your business. Whether you're a small business or thriving corporation, Melina's tips can help your business increase sales and get more customers.”


Read the rest of this entry »

Season 3, Bonus Episode -Guess the Guest

Season 3, Bonus Episode -Guess the Guest

June 1, 2021

Oh the show notes always give the big reveal away don't they.

On this special episode of the credit union leadership podcast, we introduce a new star to the ServiStar family but an old face as it pertains to how many people already know of him in the industry. A recent winner of the CUNA News CU Rock Star Award- Taylor Murray joins us on the podcast and on the team as our Chief Executive Officer

CUNA CU Rock Star - Prioritize opportunities
Taylor Murray is an expert at learning on the job.

We also ran a new give away. Go here to schedule time with Taylor or any of us to get your copy of a free e book on us!

ServiStar Consulting - Online scheduling (

Season 3, Bonus Episode - An Interview with Briana Dominguez a Vertex Live Nationwide Graduate

Season 3, Bonus Episode - An Interview with Briana Dominguez a Vertex Live Nationwide Graduate

May 21, 2021

We recorded this episode mid way through Briana's journey in ServiStar's Vertex Live Nationwide - a virtual way for participants to engage in our most requested workshops on leadership, from team building to employee motivation in an online training network that collaborates with each other, learns from our trainers in 10 official sessions, and participates in a group project and graduation that helps take the classroom knowledge and moves it over into action items that can be taken and implemented to help make your credit union better today. 

A huge thankyou to Briana for helping us learn from her journey with us at Vertex Live Nationwide and you can go here to register for the fall session. If you want to RSVP early you can reach the producer Scott Albrecht at

Also congrats to our winner from our last podcast Laura Enquist who won 30 days access to the Missional Leadership library from Episode 2 of this season. Lets see who reads the show notes- if you put some time on Scott's calendar to discuss this podcast - we will give you a free e copy of one of Mike's books schedule that call with Scott here:

Season 3, Bonus Episode - Guess the Guest

Season 3, Bonus Episode - Guess the Guest

May 7, 2021

On this episode we interview Kristyn Dix, a .....wait a cheating here- you will have to listen to the episode to get what department she works in there as we introduce a new segment - Guess the Guest. Here is a little I can share about her background for some more clues: 

Kristyn attended Bowling Green State University majoring in communications. She began her career at Kemba CU as a teller in 1986 and spent most of my time here in Branch Operations. 

She has a passion for their members and how they serve them. Working in the ___________ arena she gets to prepare and develop others on how we handle the experience our members receive!

Once we revealed her secret identity we discussed her recent group project with ServiStar - a culture workshop we call Vertex. In it she discusses: 

4.10 How she found ServiStar (Michael Neill really)

4.55 The benefit of having the entire organization go through a program like Vertex

6.14 How the training worked out virtually versus in person

8.30 Kristyn shares her favorite online module and email me to get 30 days access to the CBT course here  

To find out more about our Vertex program described in this episode visit our website here

And to schedule an appointment with the hosts here to discuss similar cultural programs for your credit union. 

Thanks for sharing and listening to the credit union leadership podcast. We have so much in store for the upcoming year for you listeners....stay tuned.

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